Mother's Day Bracelet Set

Mother's Day Bracelet Set


Great gift for you and your Mom or that Special Person who was like a mom to you on Mother’s Day this year. This darling bracelet for you and her to wear. Share the lavender essential oil, because we like sharing. This will be a very special gift!

Includes: 2 bracelets and one lavender essential oil in gift box

We are excited to partner with Pebbles + Gold Jewelry Designer to offer you this Handcrafted beautiful bracelet. I personally can not leave home without mine. Make sure to pair with our lavender essential oil to experience the rest and relaxing properties of lavender.


  • Diffusing Method: Black lava stone

  • Made with Agate Grey Stone or White & Grey Howlite Stone


  1. Add 2-3 drops of Sweet Streams Lavender pure lavender essential oil to the black lava stone bead

  2. Attach bracelet and start enjoying the relaxing benefits

  3. The aroma will release for up to 5 days.

  4. Add essential oils as needed

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