Sweet Streams Lavender Linen Spray, Jack-of- all-trades

Our Sweet Streams Lavender Linen Spray is truly a jack-of- all-trades – don’t let the
name “linen spray” hold you back from using it in a multitude of beneficial ways!
While we do love to mist our sheets with the Lavender Linen Spray for a restful and
relaxing night’s sleep, we use this multipurpose spray as bug spray, after sun skin
spray, odor remover, and even as a car air freshener! The possibilities are truly
endless. Here are some of our favorite uses:

Natural Bug Spray: Our Lavender Linen Spray is a green alternative to harmful
bug sprays that contain strong chemicals and DEET. Lavender is a natural bug
repellant which can be sprayed directly on clothing and skin without harmful
reactions. Lavender even acts to nourish the skin.

After Sun Spray: During the dog days of summer we may spend weekend
hours idling in the sun and sometimes forget to reapply sunscreen. If you
happen to get a sunburn, our Lavender Linen Spray is there to the rescue!
Mist the spray on affected areas to help the healing process. Lavender is a
natural for soothing occasional skin irritations.

Natural Odor Remover: A few spritzes of our Lavender Linen Spray will have
your gym bag and running shoes smelling like new in short order! Lavender
has antibacterial and deodorizing properties that works to fight stink in its tracks.

Pro tip: Spritz a bit of our Lavender Linen Spray on yourself after a
workout to smell extra fresh from gym to happy hour!

Car Air Freshener: We love a few mists of our lavender linen spray in the car
to center us on the daily commute to and from work. The earthy and floral
scent keeps us grounded. Dear Road Rage, you have met your match!

As always, our products are made with 100% sustainably farmed and Kansas raised
lavender plants. The small-batch linen spray is crafted right here on our farm – from
our hands to yours.



Christina Blincoe