All-Natural Lavender Pet Spray


This spring we are so happy to finally unveil our newest, all-natural product: Lavender Pet Spray! The new Lavender Pet Spray is infused with our Lavender essential oil that is grown, harvested, and distilled right here on our farm.  Our spray keeps your furry friend fresh in between baths and grooming. We love to use the spray after a day at the park or as a finishing mist after a bath.

Our spray uses the aromatherapy scent of lavender to not only keep your pup smelling clean, but also helps to soothe and calm. The calming effect is a nice touch during thunderstorms or car rides.

This all-natural lavender pet spray uses no harmful chemicals, and is free of parabens and sulfates. This spray is also safe to use on your own skin and clothing.

How to use: After a bath, towel dry your pup and spray a few mists on your pup, avoiding their eyes, about 4-5 mists. If using after the park, brush away any large chunks of dirt and spray.

Sweet Streams Lavender products are made with 100% sustainably farmed and Kansas raised lavender plants. The small-batch linen spray is crafted right here on our farm – from our hands to yours.