Fun Family Ideas for Valentine's Day 2018


Holidays are the perfect time to make family traditions. Whether it’s a special meal you make together or an event you attend – making traditions are a fun way to make memories and to pass down from generation to generation.

We’ve compiled a list of fun family activities for this year on Valentine’s Day that we hope you and your family can enjoy! Share the day of love with the ones you love and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Bake and Decorate Cookies

This is always a classic favorite. Even if you aren’t good at baking, you can buy plain sugar cookies from the store and do all the decorating yourself! Go to specialty bake shops or Michael’s for extra fancy decorating supplies and let your creative juices flow!

Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

This is also a classic. Purchase some cardstock, glitter glue, metallic markers, and funky stickers and you have an at home card factory! Make a card for each family member and even make cards for extended family if you’re feeling extra creative.

Leave Love “Notes” Around the House

On post it notes, write reasons why you love each other and hide them in locations they will find them later (for example: hide a note on the inside of a cupboard or on their visor in their car). Small surprises always make the biggest statement.

Valentine’s Themed Meal

Pick a meal and make it all Valentine’s Day themed. Perhaps heart shaped toast for breakfast or a beautifully set red and pink dinner table. You can make this as “Valentines-y” as you’d like!

Valentine’s Day Gingerbread House

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean we need to put away the gingerbread houses yet! Decorate a gingerbread house in red hots and candy hearts and make a Valentine’s Day gingerbread house.

I hope our list of fun Valentine’s Day activities gives you some new ideas for family traditions this year! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!