Family fun: Make Resolutions a family activity in 2018


Happy New Year Friends! It’s that time where we set our intentions and resolutions for the New Year. We have a great feeling about 2018 and believe it will be a year of positivity, creativity, and growth.  Usually around this time, many of us set intentions and resolutions for ourselves – more time at the gym, less time on the phone, getting that promotion, and eating healthier. While it so important to focus on our own personal intentions for the New Year, it can also be fun and beneficial to create resolutions with your family. Creating resolutions with your family allows you all to be on the same page and to strive to meet the same goals.

The resolutions can be anything from making it a goal to eat dinner as a family twice a week or perhaps doing a fun family outing together once a month. Other fun family resolutions include:

  • Make it a ritual to share your “Rose” and “Thorn” of each week. The rose is the good things that happened and thorn is what could have been better that week. Sharing your highs and lows of each week helps to keep your family on the same page and to understand how everyone is feeling.
  • Take turns creating the menu and cooking a family dinner.  Cooking dinner once a week as a family is a fun way for family members to get creative and help in the kitchen. Once a week, one family member gets to pick a dinner and then they are in charge of cooking (or delegating!) all the necessary steps. Play music, dance in your socks, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen together!
  • Go on a family walk once a week. Life gets crazy, but sometimes it’s nice to spend time in nature with your loved ones. Once a week – make it a point to get out in nature for 10 minutes or 60 minutes whatever works for your family! Whether it’s a quick walk around the circle after dinner or a lengthy walk with your dog.
  • Look for interesting events in your town – go to 1 or 2 a month! It’s crazy how many fun things are always happening in Kansas City and surrounding areas. There are so many family friendly things to do. First Friday’s, the Museums, Shopping, Restaurants, Nature – the possibilities are endless. Do a search for fun events in your area – and check out our events page for our fun events coming your way!

We hope you enjoyed our list of ideas for family resolutions! What are some resolutions that you would like to make with your family?