Business Tip Tuesday: How to Be productive at work


I love to share the advice of other successful women. Especially women that manage their own businesses and run it like a well-oiled machine! One of these women is Jasmine Star. Jasmine is a photographer turned business strategist that helps entrepreneurs build their brands. Jasmine effortlessly runs all of her social sites, YouTube channels, creates educational content for entrepreneurs like me, and even still finds time to live her life.

One tool that Jasmine shares to schedule a productive week is her Productivity Planner.  Jasmine plans her weekly schedule using a three-part strategy: (1) She writes out and sets her monthly intentions, (2) She keeps a “master” to-do list that is a running tab of things she wants to complete that month, and (3) She breaks down the master to-do list by day. This three-prong strategy helps keep her organized and out from under a pile of unorganized sticky notes.

This strategy is particularly helpful for me, especially as a small business owner because it feels there are so many things to complete in a day. The weeks run together and by the time the month is over I look back and wonder what I completed! Using Jasmine’s Productivity Planner has been so insightful and useful for me and I knew I needed to share it for this month’s business tip.

I hope you have a wonderful day and successful + organized year!