Tea Time


Here at Sweet Streams, we Love tea.  In todays world of overly sweetened beverages, overly stressed lives, and overly relied upon medications, there is something almost magical about the simplicity of tea.  A few herbs, some hot water and a few minutes of patience is all it takes to enjoy this ancient beverage.

Tea has been used since the earliest man.  Tea can be ritual, medicinal, or simply an indulgence, we believe it can be all three.  The entire process of making a good cup of tea is a reminder to slow down and use all of your senses.  Heating the water to the perfect temperature, selecting the right blend, opening that container and smelling the herbs as you place a few teaspoons in your diffuser of choice, the dunk, stir, and soak of the herbs, the waft of fragrance from the cup, and of course the first sip. 

Our four offerings of Tea have become very popular, rest assured there are more varieties coming.  All of our blends are produced in small batch, and any ingredients that we do not grow on farm are sourced organic and fair-trade.  From our night-time blend “Sereni-tea” to our minty fresh wake up call “Focus” you are sure to look forward to any excuse for Tea-time you can.  “Tea-Tox” with its butter flavor and antioxidants and “Healthy Boost” with its spicy ginger and fennel flavor are sure to perk you up when you are feeling a bit under the weather or just need a boost.  All four of our blends can be tried by the cup at Communi-Tea in downtown Overland Park KS and all proceeds go to a great cause. 

We encourage you to slow down in life, find something you truly enjoy and follow your heart, at Sweet Streams Lavender Co.  that means spending time with our loved ones, sipping on a nice warm cup, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. 








Christina Blincoe