One of my Favorite Friends

Have you ever met someone that you just knew you would be close friends with them the minute you met them? This is a rare and precious moment and gift when it happens to you. It is not because you have something to gain by knowing them, but because you have a connection that goes beyond words.  That is my neighbor and dear friend Stephanie. She is the most giving and loving person I know. She is passionate about her family and a loving mom. She is a creative wood gal at the country porch swing and creates so many amazing things. She truly has a gift and I love seeing her follow after something she loves. She is passionate about seeing others be successful and follow their dreams which you do not see today. Everyone seems to be so consumed with social media and what they are doing.

Our sweet lavender farm would not be where we are today without her support, friendship and love. We feel so blessed to have her in our life and we hope that you will remember those in your life that have meant so much to you and send them a sweet, kind word today.

Feeling blessed!