What’s Growing on the Sweet Streams Farm!


The Folgate lavender plant is a jack-of- all-trades. We use the folgate plants for our oils, teas, and our bulk culinary lavender. This variety of English lavender emits a beautiful, sweet smell and is a joy to use in our products.


Royal Velvet is another all-purpose plant. Known for its rich purple and aromatic flowers. This plant is popular for use in our oils and also in our lavender bundles.


Grosso has one of the darkest violet colors and we love to use the variety in our lavender sachets or for dried bundles. The Grosso plant is actually referred to as a Lavandin, or a hybrid lavender plant. This Grosso Lavandin variety produces a lovely oil yield and is popularly used in cleaning products and perfume.


La Provence is another hybrid plant referred to as a Lavandin. The La Provence variety is also used for our dried bulk lavender, especially for cooking and in our teas.


The English Lavender variety is a beautiful purple and also has a lovely scent. English lavender is used in our oils and is popular for making lavender wreaths. English Lavender is also known for repelling bugs and moths.


True Blue lavender, also known as Betty’s Blue, is the newest lavender plant on the farm. These little plants are still our babies but they will grow into beautiful, flowering lavender bundles. Their scent is sweet and aromatic and they bloom around mid-summer.

We love all of our lavender babies, each special for its amazing qualities. 


Christina Blincoe