The Sweet Streams Story: From Seed to Growth

Farmers know the power of one small seed and the love and patience it takes to help the seedling grow.

Farmers understand that when they tend their seedling just right and with enough sun, water, and care, the seed bursts through the soil and faces the sun like a tiny, little miracle. 

The story of our growing lavender farm isn’t much different than that of a small seed - growing with the love and care of my family and a dash of patience, perseverance, and strong work ethic. It all started ten years ago on our wedding day - a rainy day in Maui. My husband Joe and I were married on the beach, as the ocean waves kissed the sand in rhythmic harmony. The rain was beautiful and we did not mind. It was good luck. Our two sons (our third and youngest not yet born) witnessed our vows, and it is a memory that will forever be in our hearts.  

During our time in Maui we visited a local lavender farm.  The fields of lavender rolled on and on, blending into the horizon. It was breathtaking. I felt so peaceful. I wanted to replicate and share the serenity I felt in that moment with everyone. The seed was planted. In that moment, we decided that we would one day have a lavender farm and share that peace and joy of those fields with others. It became our dream.  When we retired, we would move to Hawaii and work on a lavender farm. 

It’s funny how when we make plans, life has other ideas. When we returned to the mainland our lives continued - business as usual. The hustle and bustle of our work lives and running our children from one extracurricular activity to the next became a blur. Schedules and meetings and carpools ruled our lives. I think this is what many refer to as the “rat race”, running and going and not really stopping to ask why? 

It wasn’t until 2014, that we decided to ask ourselves “Why?” This lead us to take a step back and really assess the speed at which our lives were racing.  In this moment, we decided to become intentional and live life with more purpose. We made the decision to savor these present moments with our growing boys and to spend more time as a family unit. We shaved down extracurricular activities to one activity per season and really started to enjoy all the extra time we were able to spend together. 

During this time, we thought, “Why wait until retirement to start our lavender farm? Why not now?”.  It was also in 2014 that we purchased 7 acres of land in Bucyrus, KS and got to work on living our future dreams in the present moment. After my family and I moved out to the farm, we began hauling in dirt for our lavender plants in 2015. Our first plants arrived from Washington, and my family and I planted them all by hand.  Our lavender farm was born! It has been my greatest joy to bring our dreams into fruition and to see my family slow down, spend time together, and live a life of intention.

We have taken that small seed that was planted many years ago, and nurtured it into a growing and thriving business. Our love and efforts are intertwined with every plant and every product we create. My wish is that the serenity and peace we felt in that moment in the fields of Hawaii transcends into each of our lavender plants and products we give to you. To us, this journey is so much more than just a business or farming – it is about living your dreams, spending time with family, and taking a step back to enjoy the little moments in life. We want to share these family moments of ours with yours. Take time to light a lavender candle or sip a calm cup of our lavender tea and lose yourself in the beautiful moments that life has to offer. Become naturally calm. That is our wish.

Christina Blincoe