Hello Sweet One!

Have you ever heard the phrase, stop and smell the roses, well here at Sweet Streams Lavender we say “stop and smell the lavender”. 

It really just means stop, look around us at the simple things, breathe in and really be present in the moment.

This is not easy. We are so consumed with our cell phones, social media, tv, sporting events, the next sale or the next big thing.

Let's give ourselves permission to take a moment and look around, watch the sunrise, listen and be engaged with the people around us, live in this moment. 

For our family, growing Lavender has been anything but simple. It takes hard work and when you think you are finally understanding that you may just have a green thumb after all, you lose another precious plant, it happens to the best of us.

When we started our lavender farm we researched what lavender does the best in our area and have varieties of lavender: Grosso, Royal Velvet, Provence, Folgate and Munstead. Royal Velvet being my favorite for the beauty in the color and smell. 

I encourage you today, to look around, really see the people in your life we are so blessed to have and give them a word or two of encouragement today.