Family Picture.jpg
                             Family of 5, set off to do something new, five hearts set on one goal:
                                                    “To Make Families Lives Better!” 

We have always dreamed of creating a tranquil environment for our family, away from the hustle of daily life. Knowing the benefits and beauty of Lavender, we wanted to recreate the beauty of Provence that would be accessible to us daily.  With time, that dream has grown into far more than just our desire for serenity. It has grown into a passion to share that dream and the benefits of lavender with you.

From day one, we have put into practice organic farming. This is important to us! All of the products we produce are free from chemicals and toxins. We believe this labor of love and our consistent care for each lavender plant will improve the world in which we live, from the soil to your life.

We have learned so much along that way about partnerships, business, and farming. Each day we reset to stay true to our values, beliefs and closeness with family. This is what keeps us strong. We have had family and friends come along side us to share in this journey and it is incredibly rewarding when people are excited about what you are doing and see that you want to make a difference. We believe in giving back! We donate lavender products each year to help support our local community and to educate the community on the benefits of lavender.

We currently have 4 varieties of lavender and are looking to expand our farm to incorporate more. We are coming up with new products everyday to incorporate our beautiful lavender plants into products to help calm, relax and soothe you and your loved ones. We want to create a place that is "Naturally Calm" for you and your family. We love sharing our story with you, check out our blog from time to time on more exciting product details, recipes and events. Looking forward to meeting you soon. From our farm to your home.


Joe and Christina